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Getting Started with Nuxt 3 and Tailwind CSS

Angus Gaukroger
Angus Gaukroger

Are you ready to dive into the world of Nuxt 3 and Tailwind CSS? This dynamic duo provides an excellent foundation for building modern and responsive web applications. In this guide, we'll walk through the process of creating a basic Nuxt 3 project with Tailwind CSS, setting you on the path to a seamless development experience.

Setting Up the Nuxt 3 and Tailwind Template

To kickstart your project, I've prepared an empty Nuxt 3 and Tailwind CSS template (Click here!). Begin by clicking Use this template on Github to create your own Repository from the template. Then clone your newly created repo to your machine:

git clone [repository_url]

Once cloned, navigate to the project directory and install the necessary dependencies:

cd [project_directory]
npm i

This template includes a default layout file (default.vue) in the layout folder, serving as the top-level routing structure. Inside this file, you can specify the layout that will wrap the pages. The default page filling the slot is index.vue in the pages folder.

Additionally, there's an example of how to wrap pages in a non-default layout, labeled as 'test' pages in the project. Feel free to delete them if not needed.

Running the Development Server

With the template set up and dependencies installed, you're ready to launch the development server. Execute the following command:

npm run dev

This command starts a live server, allowing you to preview your Nuxt 3 project with Tailwind CSS in action. Open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000 to see your project live.

Exploring Further Now that you have successfully set up a Nuxt 3 project with Tailwind CSS, it's time to explore further. Customize the default layout, create new pages, and leverage the power of Tailwind CSS for styling.

Remember, this is just the beginning of your journey with Nuxt 3 and Tailwind CSS. Refer to the official documentation of Nuxt.js and Tailwind CSS for in-depth guides and advanced features.

Happy coding!

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